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Santa Maria, CA — Few celebrities have captured the public’s attention quite like the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

An undeniable talent on the stage and in the studio, the fascination with Jackson goes beyond his appeal as a performer. The American public and the world have seen his steady transformation over the last three and a half decades from an adorable and gifted child star, to an entertainment juggernaut, to an often disturbing caricature of himself. The last ten years have seen his name attached to even more troubling developments: failed marriages, bizarre plastic surgery procedures, the alleged mistreatment of his own children and charges of his sexual abuse of several others. Through it all, Jackson has maintained an impenetrable wall of secrecy between his public and the truths behind these allegations—even going so far, at one point, as to enlist members of the controversial Nation of Islam to handle his security and business dealings.

But now, as his trial winds down and Jackson, his fans and the public are on the brink of a crashing end or a new beginning, the lid is about to be blown off the whispers, rumors and mysteries surrounding the King of Pop. Jackson’s own former public relations chief, Bob Jones, has written a tell-all expose that will put to rest any doubt or ambiguity about what Jones describes as “Michael Jackson’s many relationships with young boys.” In the book, entitled Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask, Jones gives the previously guarded facts about the three high-profile accusations of child molestation against the superstar, as well as what Jones describes as Jackson’s ability to pick out boys who were easily “woo-able” and carry on clandestine relationships with them. Jones also examines Jackson’s fractured family life and his often spiteful relationships with his other famous siblings.

This book, written with author, freelance journalist and fellow Jackson family insider Stacy Brown, is generating a buzz from every quarter imaginable as an authoritative source of unvarnished truth. And Jones has the credentials to back it all up. As former head of PR for not only Jackson, but also the family musical act The Jackson 5 in the years before Michael’s solo career, Jones was not just an insider, but a confidant of the family—and the only one to have never signed a confidentiality agreement.

Don’t miss your chance to learn the truth in Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask.

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