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Takes Yet Another Step in “Streamlining the Publishing Process”

New York, NY — The Month of May sees SelectBooks, Inc., launch its new website.

Though a presence on the web for the last four years, since its founding in 2001 by former Bantam/Doubleday/Dell and Random House vice president Kenzi Sugihara, SelectBooks has revamped, reconfigured and re-launched our website, with an eye toward ease-of-use as well as presentation.

According to Sugihara, the decision was first and foremost a practical one. “One of our stated primary missions has been to streamline the overall publishing process for all involved—both author and reader. Our new site not only makes browsing and buying easier for the customer, it also reaches out to the prospective author, or his or her agent, in hopes of attracting them to the ranks of trusted, knowledgeable and able authors that we have already published.”

Another consideration has been the flood of new titles from SelectBooks. The site’s front page currently highlights SelectBooks’ two newest titles: Arthur Blech’s provocative The Causes of Anti-Semitism (already returning fantastic Amazon.com numbers); and Entrepreneur, a behind-the-scenes look at big business by former Net2000 CEO Charlie Thomas. Five more titles are scheduled for publication by August 2005.

With more in the works for the coming months, and with our extant titles generating excellent Amazon numbers, we at SelectBooks look to the launch of our new website as the beginning of a new chapter for us and for the world of publishing. We look forward to you joining us for it.


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