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Renowned Specialist Offers Practical Insight Into “Epidemic” of Type II Diabetes

New York, NY — Americans are getting fatter. Americans are getting lazier. The average American’s diet is more chemical-laden and less nutritious. Though we hear these things every day from any number of media outlets, many miss the underlying—and infinitely more important—message:

Americans are getting sicker.

The very technologies that have given us the ability to achieve such a high standard of living and freedom from want and hunger have been instrumental in the creation of a near-epidemic that threatens to engulf the entire country. Our sedentary lifestyles—the result of labor-saving devices at home and in the workplace—and the laboratory-developed ingredients that make food so cheap and plentiful for the average American have set the stage for type II diabetes to spread through the population like wild fire. And spread it has, with healthcare costs related to diabetes now totaling over $300 billion per year in the U.S., and the national average life expectancy projected to actually drop for the first time in our history.

Into this disturbing scenario has stepped one of the world’s foremost authorities on longevity, Dr. Walter M. Bortz, II. In his new book, Diabetes Danger: What 200 Million At-Risk Americans Need to Know, Dr. Bortz tackles the situation head-on and wrings every bit of information possible from the puzzle of diabetes. Going back to the first recorded incidence of the disease in ancient Egypt over 3500 years ago, Dr. Bortz tells the complete story of the development and history of diabetes, and shares moving profiles of individual victims of and victors over this devastating illness.

But, most importantly, Diabetes Danger offers hope in the face of a disease that is so insidious that it leads to amputation, blindness, stroke, or worse if left unchecked. This comprehensive book is an invaluable guide for diabetes sufferers, their caregivers, or anyone who has diabetes in their family. It provides information not only on why our modern lifestyle practically guarantees that we will develop the disease, and why drugs can’t cure it; it also offers steps we all can take right now to save our bodies from physical ruin, and gives potential strategies to actually reverse diabetes symptoms once the disease has struck.

Diabetes Danger provides crucial advice for those seeking to prevent a diabetes outbreak of epidemic proportions. It is in stores now.




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