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Entrepreneur Especially Relevant Now, Says Publisher

New York, NY — As the fallout from the Enron and WorldCom scandals continues to be felt across the nation, Manhattan-based publisher SelectBooks has announced the release of a volume that offers a candid glimpse into boardroom machinations, capital investments and the madcap wheeling and dealing leading up to the initial public stock offering.

In the newly published Entrepreneur—A CEO’s Lessons in American Capitalism, the inner workings of Washington, D.C.-based Net2000 Communications, a regional powerhouse in the telecom and broadband services sector for much of the 1990’s, are laid bare. Authored by Net2000 founder and former CEO Charlie Thomas, Entrepreneur is a fascinating look at the entire life cycle of a publicly traded business entity. It chronicles Thomas’ leadership of Net2000 through rapid growth from a small telecom sales agent to a broadband services provider with more than 1,000 employees and over $120,000,000 in recurring revenues*, and the inescapable devastation when the “telecom bubble” finally burst in late 2001.

Publisher Kenzi Sugihara expects the book to have a particular resonance now. “In light of the corporate scandals making news today, I expect Entrepreneur will strike a chord with many readers. It goes beyond telling a simple story of the rise and fall of one business entity; it illustrates each crucial stage in the life cycle and development of a business, from beginning to boom to bust. More importantly, Charlie breaks each of these stages down into individual ‘Lessons Learned’ that will broaden the book’s appeal, bringing in readers looking for a good story and students of business of all ages who would like to learn from someone who, unlike many of the corporate officers in the public eye, did everything right.”

Entrepreneur—A CEO’s Lessons in American Capitalism is available

* Figures from Forbes.com BusinessWire; accessed May 9, 2005.




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