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Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask

Bob Jones and Stacy Brown

IISBN: 978-1-59079-203-2
224 pages/Trade paperback

ISBN: 1-59079-072-3
224 pages/hardcover
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This is your chance to get the INSIDE STORY behind the rumors, accusations, ugliness and mystery surrounding Michael Jackson. Not from a journalist or celebrity pundit, but from Jackson’s own former public relations agent—a man who has been by Michael’s side for the last 34 years.

Because of his unique position at Jackson’s right hand, author Bob Jones is the one person in the world who can legitimately offer such a naked inside view of the world the King of Pop has created for himself. The drastic changes in his appearance, his bizarre Neverland ranch, his relationships with a series of young boys—from poor kids with serious health problems to famous child actors—all of it is laid bare and discussed in detail by one of the only people besides Jackson who was there for it all.

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