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Unleashed!: Expecting Greatness and other
Secrets of Coaching for Exceptional Performance

New York, NY – Interest in coaching as a professional development tool has exploded in recent years. Why? “Because coaching works!” says Gregg Thompson, President of Bluepoint Leadership Development.  “No other human resource development process provides greater impact on individual performance improvement.” Leaders seeking to distinguish themselves in today’s fast-paced, complex organizations are no longer finding that solid management and interpersonal skills are enough to make them stand out in the crowd.  Increasingly, they are being called upon to take their leadership to another level and step into a coaching role with those they manage and lead.

As professional coaches, Gregg Thompson and Susanne Biro have witnessed this growth first hand.   Unfortunately, they have found that  many leaders are poorly equipped to provide high level coaching, often mistaking advice, encouragement and support (all important supervisory skills) for genuine coaching.  In response to the growing need for professional level internal coaches, they have created Unleashed!: Expecting Greatness and other Secrets of Coaching for Exceptional Performance.

In Unleashed! (published by Select Books, $24.95), Thompson and Biro synthesize the processes used by professional external coaches into the straightforward, easy to follow Great Expectations Model of coaching.  Nowhere to be found are the steps and check-lists so common in coaching guides.  This coaching model draws together three timeless, interdependent principles upon which all successful coaching relationships are based. 

Says Thompson, “Unleashed! will not teach you to do coaching, because coaching is not something that can be done to others.”  Instead, the authors challenge readers to “become the kind of person from whom others genuinely want to receive coaching, to create relationships that confront real issues and to engage in performance-changing conversations.”  The results can be nothing short of transformative.

Gregg Thompson and Susanne Biro are President and Director of Coaching of Bluepoint Leadership Development, Inc.  Unleashed!: Expecting Greatness and other Secrets of Coaching for Exceptional Performance will be available in book stores February 2007.

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