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What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying

Karen Wyatt, M.D.

ISBN: 978-1-59079-217-9
192 Pages, Trade Paperback


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What Really Matters chronicles the life transformations experienced by Dr. Karen Wyatt and her patients and their family members during hospice care. This book of beautiful and uplifting stories about the lessons learned from the dying is also a guidebook for those who are feeling lost or hopeless about their lives in this contemporary world. What Really Matters reveals how the confusing maze of the suffering and pain at the time of death can lead to the ultimate destination of meaning, purpose, and growth for both the dying and the living. Read this book—it has the power to change the way you see everything about:

  • the meaning of suffering
  • recognizing life's priorities
  • letting go of limiting beliefs and past traumas
  • the true purpose of existence
  • the key to unlocking the flow of grace
  • transcending fear



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