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We: The Ideal Customer Relationship

Steve Yastrow

ISBN 13: 978-1-59079-121-9
ISBN 10: 1-59079-121-5

224 pages/hardcover


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When thinking of their relationship with you, do your customers think “We,” or “Us & Them?”

So starts Steve Yastrow’s new book, We: The Ideal Customer Relationship. With a fresh, provocative look at how to connect with customers, Yastrow, a leading marketing thinker and consultant, helps readers understand how to differentiate their businesses in a meaningful way.

Customers have more product and service choices than ever before, making it very difficult for customers to distinguish your business solely on the merit of your product and service offerings. What can differentiate your business in the minds of customers, however, is the relationship the customer has with you. A competitor may sell a similar product, but the relationship you have with each customer can be unique.

And what is the best kind of customer relationship? A “We” relationship, where the customer sees you not as a vendor or a provider, but as a collaborator. Through interviews, research, ideas and insights, Yastrow offers a roadmap to better results through better customer relationships. In this book, you will read about …

How to create relationship-building encounters, instead of relationship-eroding transactions

  • How to connect multiple customer encounters into an ongoing conversation that creates a strong We relationship
  • The power of We among many – a relationship between many people in your organization and your customers

We is both a manifesto and a how-to guide that will change the way you interact with customers … and change the way your customers think about you.


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