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Washington Power Play: A Political Thriller

Allan Topol

320 pages, Trade Paperback


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In typical Topol style, Washington Power Play spins a tale of international intrigue, deception, and corruption at the highest levels of power.

Kelly Cameron, a young FBI agent, has just thwarted a terrorist attack on the Walter Reed hospital in Washington, and is now put in charge of a task force to find a mole in the U.S. Government. She soon finds evidence of a plot initiated by the Chinese government supporting General Cartwright to be elected as the U.S. President.

Kelly's efforts to thwart this plan are hindered by Xiang Shen, a Chinese diplomat who was once her lover, and Andrew Martin, a powerful Washington lawyer, who has strong ties to the Chinese. Kelly faces danger with repeated attacks on her life and her daughter's kidnapping. At stake in the Washington Power Play is the global balance of power.


“’The time has come to create a new world order with China in control,’ says Liu Guan who heads the Ministry of State Security. ‘We will wrest dominance from the Americans.’ This is a thriller, so Liu has, of course, a nefarious plan. But he'll have to get past Kelly Cameron, the woman in charge of the FBI's newly created elite counterterrorism team. As this edge-of-your-seat story moves from Bethesda to Beijing to Washington to Bradley Airport, readers will find out whether Kelly was the right person for the critical job.
— Yale Alumni Magazine, July/August 2017



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