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Strategic Entrepreneurism™:Shattering the Start-Up Entrepreneurial Myths

Jon Fisher, Gerald A. Fisher & Wallace Wang.

ISBN 13: 978-1-59079-189-9
ISBN 10: 1-59079-189-4
160 pages/hardcover


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Publication Date: September 15, 2008


The dream of nearly every entrepreneur is to create the next big-name success story like Dell Computers, Amazon.com, or Google. While everyone should dream big, the reality is that most startups fail precisely because they’re trying to become the next big name success. The real secret to entrepreneurial success lies in Strategic Entrepreneurism where you design a company specifically to be acquired by a larger one.

That’s why the founder and CEO of several successful high-tech startup companies, multi-millionaire Jon Fisher, has written down his success principles. Strategic Entrepreneurism shows ambitious entrepreneurs how to design their companies toward the path of least resistance, maximum payoff, and the lowest amount of risk.

Entrepreneurs will learn how to evaluate their business ideas, how to leverage technology to increase profits, how to limit expenses, how to choose strategic customers to insure their company’s survival, how to generate revenue from their company’s inception, and how to avoid competing against larger companies.

Strategic Entrepreneurism also explains how to avoid the common pitfalls of startups. Entrepreneurs will learn how to avoid the trap of growing too fast, focusing on the wrong product, and accepting too much funding from outside investors.

Jon Fisher used these same principles to design his latest startup, an online security authentication company called Bharosa. In less than three years Jon guided Bharosa to become a leader in the online security field. He then sold the company to Oracle, one of the largest and most acquisitive companies in the world.

Strategic Entrepreneurism is a registered trademark of Jon B. Fisher

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