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Stony Kill: A Novel

Marie White Small

ISBN: 9781590793114
336 pages/trade paperback


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After her mother’s sudden death, Joss Ryckman finds herself running away from everything—the life she did not choose of managing the family bakery in Brooklyn, a troubled relationship with her angry father, and conflicts with Wyatt, the lover who always wants more. But when she flees to the country farm of her childhood in upstate New York, will she finally find the truth of dark events in her family’s past? Or will all that she has held at bay for twenty years come crashing down?

As Joss comes to terms with her loss, she confronts her memories of a childhood steeped in both joy and sorrow. In her family history of violence and regret along the treacherous Stony Kill, the realities that led to two brutal killings can no longer be denied. Joss must make her own choices and ultimately, let go.

Rich with beautiful language and vivid descriptions of Joss’s feelings, Stony Kill tells a powerful story of the heartbreak and suffering of a broken family, and finally her hope and choice of a better life.


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