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No Guts, No Story: a tale of courage & success from the heartland

By Barb Pitcock

ISBN 13:  978-1-59079-207-0
ISBN 10:  1-59079-207-6

224 pages / Paperback


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“No Guts, No Story!” is an inspiring book about success in self-help and self-motivation in the business of marketing and sales, as well as a story of a couple’s faith and their love for each other, their family and life.  It’s the story about two kids from the American Heartland who fell in love, faced calamity, and how they pulled themselves up by the bootstraps to get back on their feet and achieve their goal of huge financial rewards. It is a personal love story, but is also one that shows a passion for the industry of direct sales in order to create a home-based business and how it can help “average” people like Barb and Dave Pitcock live out their dreams. 

This action-packed adventure will capture the interest and imagination of people from all walks of life.  Their compelling story makes the reader eager to see what happens next to these two young people as they overcome each of the challenges on their journey to the top.  It is as entertaining as a piece of fiction while providing real life lessons and heartfelt inspiration.

Network marketing companies would be a huge market for this title because it is a true tale of the entrepreneurial spirit that lives in each of us.  While most books on this topic are mainly for training, and often are not written by the person who has actually experienced the realities of the business, this book doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk!  The experiences in this book are those that many in direct sales go through. Many never know what direction to take to survive difficult experiences in this business. Reading this book gives proven solutions.


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