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Succeed in Real Estate Without Cold Calling
Learn How to Earn $100,000 Your First Year Selling Real Estate!

Phil Gerisilo & Rob Lebow

ISBN: 1-59079-070-7
160 pages/hardcover


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Though real estate is generally acknowledged to be an ever-growing and fast-paced field, many real-estate agents —especially those just breaking into the business—have been conditioned to expect six- or seven-day work weeks in hopes of just keeping their heads above water. Why? Simply because it’s one of the old myths of real estate automatically and mindlessly passed down to each and every new agent as they enter the business.

But are fruitless cold calls, endless footwork, seven-day weeks and high-pressure techniques the unavoidable dues real estate professionals must expect to pay? Not if they read Phil Gerisilo’s Succeed In Real Estate Without Cold Calling. Originally just a dabbler in the real estate business, Phil figured out how to escape that discouraging norm by reexamining and redefining the dominant paradigm under which real estate brokers operate. For Succeed In Real Estate Without Cold Calling, Phil teamed with workplace culture visionary Rob Lebow to communicate his vision through the fictional story of Margaret Williams, a struggling beginner who has a chance meeting with an unconventional but seasoned real estate professional. Over the course of their meeting, their compelling conversation exposes the six dominant myths of the business, and lays the ground rules that—if correctly applied—can lead to unparalleled success in building and maintaining a client roster.

For more information on Phil and Rob’s book and seminars, go to SucceedWithoutColdCalling.com.


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