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The Memory Advantage: Improve Your Memory, Mood and Confidence Throughout Life

Dr. Thomas Crook III

ISBN: 1-59079-109-6
192 pages/6x9 hardcover


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Many adults realize that while some abilities improve with age, memory usually doesn't.  However, there exist today a number of effective techniques for dealing with memory problems. These are what make up The Memory Advantage.

An internationally recognized expert on memory, Dr. Thomas Crook's new book goes further than the typical memory book on tricks to recall your neighbor's name (although he also offers those). Dr. Crook stresses how important memory is in how one thinks and feels about oneself and others. Readers see how memories can be their best friends or, when distorted, their worst enemies. Do you want to learn how to use your memory to make yourself a clearer-thinking, more self-confident, and happier person? Then you should get Dr. Crook's Memory Advantage. Do it before you forget.


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