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Intuitive Investor

Jason Apollo Voss

ISBN: 978-1-59079-206-3
ISBN: 1-59079-206-8

320 pages/hardcover


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“One of the most important of all investing secrets is that there is no such thing as a future fact.”
This deceptively simple statement in the first chapter of Jason Apollo Voss’s new book, The Intuitive Investor: A Radical Guide for Manifesting Wealth, sets the tone for the provocative pages that follow.

An honest-to-goodness wunderkind in the world of financial management, who predicted the recent market meltdown before his retirement in 2005 at age 35, Voss has decided to share with the general public his special gift for investment analysis and decision making. In the process he uses his proven track record to demonstrate that successful investing is as much an intuitive, creative process as it is a product of linear, analytical thinking.

The Intuitive Investor posits that what is missing from the traditional investor’s thought process is the involvement of the right-brain’s creative and emotional powers. Investing, in other words, is not just a “science” that demands the attention of the facts-and-figures oriented left brain. There is also a level of art and finesse integral to financial success that requires the abilities of the right brain, the sphere of feelings, conceptualization, and, of course, intuition.

Only when processes from both sides of the brain are properly combined, do we gain the “actionable information” upon which to make wise investment decisions.

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Please click here to download the free sample chapter “The Intuitive Investor Toolkit” from The Intuitive Investor by Jason Apollo Voss. The Intuitive Investor is distributed in the US by Midpoint Trade Books and is available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor and other major wholesalers.


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