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Inner Security and Infinite Wealth—Merging Self Worth and Net Worth

Stuart Zimmerman & Jared Rosen

ISBN: 1-59079-055-3
192 pages/hardcover


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What does “security” mean to you? Regardless of the initial answer, personal security is usually linked with financial security and some measure of wealth. Unfortunately, our concept of wealth is fraught with inherent contradictions. Though money may be the root of all evil, it seems to make the world go round.

In Inner Security and Infinite Wealth, authors Zimmerman and Rosen boldly crossbreed the ideas of financial management with an all-encompassing New Age vision to show us the difference between financial security and real peace of mind—Inner Security. In the process, they teach how to set aside traditional concepts of wealth in order to forge a sense of well-being beyond material success and, ultimately, create a more fulfilling relationship to money. (Published in conjunction with DreamSculpt Publishing.)


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