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Frontline Profit Machine: The Khoury Blueprint for Exploding Profits at the Point of Sale

Ziad Khoury

ISBN: 978-1-59079-186-8
ISBN: 1-59079-186-X

272 Pages Hardcover


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Frontline Profit Machine will help your business increase profits by improving service and sales at the point of customer interaction. This is not just a matter of up-selling customers; rather it requires a cultural transformation in the organization, encompassing training, a sense of ownership and empowerment among frontline employees, measurement and appropriate fin ancial incentives -- all part of the Khoury Performance Equation blueprint

His proven methods can work for many industries and companies, including car rental companies, retail sales clerks, apartment leasing agents, restaurants and hotels, insurance agents, auto dealerships, field reps and financial service companies.

“Many CEOs do not understand the huge profit impact that frontline revenue can have when most other expenses are paid for,” says Ziad. “And the few that do, usually do not understand that creating a thriving sales culture requires much more than telling managers to ‘get sales up,’ ‘put a contest together,’ or to just ‘focus on it.’”

Ziad helps create and instill a sales culture at the frontline. He shows how to overcome what is fast-becoming a performance emergency for many companies and professionals during tough times or at any time.

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