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Employed for Life! (An Insider’s Secrets for Guaranteed Employment in our Permanently Changed Workplace)

P. Anthony Burnham, Esq.

ISBN: 1-59079-059-6
136 pages/softbound


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With each passing year, the American workplace seems more and more turbulent. The idea of long-term job security sought after and expected by workers of the past has morphed under the impact of recession, foreign competition, corporate scandals and general misconduct into a reality where most employees spend an average of two to three years with an employer before moving on—often whether they choose to do so or not.

In Employed for Life! author P. Anthony Burnham interjects some good news into the situation. Though yesterday’s job security is gone, the new workplace is full of unparalleled promise. Tony offers guidance on how to consistently produce the desired results in various work environments and stay competitive, how to figure out your own workplace value, and how the new environment offers the potential for win-win situations for employees and employers alike.


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