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Disability Land

Dr. Alan Brightman

ISBN: 1-59079-124-0
ISBN: 978-1-59079-124-0

160 pages/softbound


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DisabilityLand is a winner in the 2009 IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association) Benjamin Franklin Awards in the “Parenting/Family” category!

DisabilityLand is the place where people with disabilities live, work, play, fret, hope and succeed. Or not. And where everyone else may or may not know—or care—who they are.

This collection of observations, anecdotes and questions are drawn from Dr. Alan Brightman's singular experiences in the field of disabilities for more than 3 decades. Together, Brightman’s writings provide the kind of insight into the disabled experience that only someone intimately familiar with the territory and endlessly curious about its inhabitants could provide.

There is no prescribed order in the pages of DisabilityLand just as there are few predictable happenings in the real life of those who wander its terrain. Its pages consist of brief stories—some as short as 2 sentences, others as long as 3 pages—in which one life experiences another.

DisabilityLand is not about the subject of disability; it's not a study. It is instead about the unvarnished everyday-ness of disability; it's a series of rich, human, ordinary, and surprising encounters.

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