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Diabetes Danger: What 200 Million Americans At Risk Need to Know

Walter M. Bortz II, MD

ISBN: 1-59079-103-7
192 pages/hard cover


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The catastrophic healthcare crisis called diabetes now threatens to engulf 200 million Americans. On average, a diabetic dies 15 years prematurely and spends $11,000 per year treating this cruel disease and its painful complications—which can include kidney failure, blindness, amputations, and strokes. Because of this dire epidemic, for the first time in history the average American’s life expectancy is projected to drop.

Sounding the alarm on the disastrous diabetes inferno now raging is Dr. Walter Bortz, one of the world’s foremost authorities on longevity. In Diabetes Danger, Dr. Bortz provides much-needed information on the horrifying dangers of uncontrolled diabetes and shows what each of us can do to reverse the damage before it is too late. This comprehensive book is an essential guide for diabetics, their caregivers, or anyone who has diabetes in their family. Equally important, Diabetes Danger also provides crucial advice for those seeking to prevent a diabetes outbreak of epidemic proportions.


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