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Keys to the Da Vinci Code

Lorenzo Fernandez Bueno and Mariano Fernandez Urresti

ISBN: 1-59079-101-0
256 pages/hardcover


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You've Read the Book, You've Heard the Controversy
Now Discover the TRUTH!

Keys to the Da Vinci Code is an essential and intoxicating read:

  • View an exhaustive, illustrated analysis of "The Last Supper" by Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Learn the numerous strange and occult elements found in the painting
  • Delve into the secret genealogies and encrypted messages of recently discovered manuscripts hidden for centuries in an obscure French cathedral
  • Review maps and graphs marking historic Da Vinci Code locations
  • Learn the hidden keys in a clear and easy to understand manner
  • 32 pages of illustrations, photos and graphics


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