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When You Grab a Cat By the Tail

Rob Lebow & William L. Simon

ISBN: 978-1-59079-108-0


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“The man who sets out to grab a cat by its tail learns something that will always be useful…”
-Mark Twain

In other words, we all learn from experience. And for those times when experience doesn’t provide the answer, you might find it in When You Grab a Cat by the Tail.

This book offers a rich collection of quotes, observations, and anecdotes from luminaries, historical figures, and some folks you might not know. And though it is from two authors renowned for their contributions to the business world, these pearls of practical wisdom can not only help you in your business and workplace dealings, but in any interpersonal relationship or even in a moment of personal doubt.

Equally appropriate as bedtime reading or when you need a moment of reflection during your busy day, When You Grab a Cat by the Tail is both timely and timeless. With gems of inspiration from several lifetimes of experience between its covers, it will help you develop your strengths, brighten your spirit, and put a smile on your face.

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