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Brand Harmony: Achieving Dynamic Results by Orchestrating Your Customers’ Total Experience

Steve Yastrow

ISBN: 1-59079-053-7
176 pages/hardcover


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Connecting with today’s customers is harder than ever before. They’ve learned to be skeptical of the promises companies make, countering the advertisers’ yelps of “Order Today!!” with the query “What’s in it for me?”

With his fresh, innovative approach to marketing and branding, Steve Yastrow demonstrates to companies that a brand isn’t what you say you are, but what your customers think you are. In his best-seller, Brand Harmony, Yastrow takes marketing beyond the marketing department and shows how people throughout the organization need to “be the brand” in order to create comprehensive, company-wide messages that customers will understand and believe. (Published in conjunction with Tom Peters Company Press.)


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