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The Shadow Crucible
by T. M. Lakomy

The Shadow Crucible is a gripping epic examining a range of subjects from traditional religion to the occult, and the mysteries of the Threefold Death—the ancient ritual of apotheosis, of man becoming God. T. M. Lakomy spins a sinister web in which the struggle for redemption is on the verge of being crushed by the powers of evil. This ambitious work will establish her as a compelling new voice in the world of dark fantasy.


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Half a Reason to Die: Eight Short Stories
by Chip Duncan

Half a Reason to Die is an unusual and highly entertaining group of stories taking the reader on a dramatic ride around the world, each piece told by first person narrators with a background in journalism.


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GTO: Race to Oblivion
by Roger Corea

The dangers of the present are tied up with the deadly legacy of the GTO’s past as the cryptic figure of Paul Charone, the leader of a French secret society, threatens to enact his vision of a new world order. If he succeeds, Monaco’s royal family will be the first to fall.

GTO: Race to Oblivion is a fun, fast-paced adventure and a special treat for the classic car enthusiast. This new offering follows up on Roger Corea’s well-received novel The Duesenberg Caper. And it reaffirms his extraordinary skill at weaving in a vast technical knowledge of automobiles with an action-packed plot that will leave thriller fans and car buffs alike asking for more!

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The Master Coach: Leading with Character, Building Connections, and Engaging in Extraordinary Conversations
by Gregg Thompson

Coaching will take your business to the next level In this day and age, every little bit counts in the pursuit of business success, and a small advantage can make a huge difference. Business leaders need to consider every aspect in the never ending maintenance of their company’s health. Today, coaching has finally been recognized as one of the most effective human resource development processes available. And a proper understanding and application of the coaching method can have a dramatic impact on organizations of all sizes.

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Take Me with You: One Person's Journey to Find the Charity Within
by Scott Jackson

Take Me with You is an inspiring story with practical instruction for getting people involved, either in important small ways or making a larger commitment to achieve justice and an ecologically sustainable world.


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Sustainability Sutra: An Ecological Investigation
by Roy Morrison

Sustainability Sutra addresses the pursuit of sustainability as the crucial point in our transformation from an industrial society to one with a successful ecology for its inhabitants. It explores in detail how this can be accomplished through an ecological global-growth strategy that converts economic growth into ecological improvement.

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Beyond Beauty: A Guide to Self-Love, Self-Confidence, and Full Feminine Power
by Alexandra Villarroel Abrego

More than a book, Beyond Beauty is a way of being; it is the new motto for the next generation. The first part of Beyond Beauty focuses on the body; on everything that has to do with the outer self. Part 2 puts an emphasis on the mind and the last part of the book is all about the spirit.


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What is Reality?: The New Map of Cosmos, Consciousness, and Existence
by Ervin Laszlo

Ervin Laszlo’s tour de force explores the paradoxes confounding modern science to offer nothing less than a new paradigm of reality—one in which the cosmos is a seamless whole, informed by a single, coherent consciousness manifest in us all. Bringing together science, philosophy, and metaphysics, Laszlo takes aim at conventional thinking about the dichotomies of mind and body, spirit and matter, and being and nonbeing to reveal how we are all part of an infinite cycle of existence unfolding in spacetime and beyond.


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The Heart of Hospitality: Great Hotel and Restaurant Leaders Share Their Secrets
by Micah Solomon

Are you looking to ensure your success in today’s rapidly changing hospitality-industry landscape with guests of all ages, including boomers and the all-important millennial traveler? Help has arrived in the compulsively readable new standard, The Heart of Hospitality.


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My Scandalous Little Rule Book: A Scandalous Guide to Sensational Success!
by Jacquie Somerville

Enlightened by Jacquie’s vulnerability and honesty, My Scandalous Little Rule Book flies in the face of tradition. The premise of the book is to encourage people to “stop being so cautious—take a risk, achieve some major shit, and have some fun!” Jacquie argues that people typically play this game of life way too cautiously, and, in doing so, end up slipping safely into the grave, having never lived. .


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15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben's SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health
by Dr. Vincent Bocchicchio, M.D.

Imagine if you could have the blueprint for the most efficient form of exercise to keep your body healthy and fit and an eating plan to satisfy hunger, taste, and health. Well, now you can. The best part? It will only require 15 minutes of exercise, twice a week, paired with a controlled-carb diet, and on the average, you will lose 10 pounds of fat within five weeks.


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The Laszlo Chronicle: A Global Thinker's Journey from Systems to Consciousness and the Akashic Field
by Gyorgyi Szabo

The Laszlo Chronicle traces Dr. Laszlo’s intellectual journey from his earliest influences to his later identification of the Akashic Holofield, the cosmic consciousness which is the foundation for his advocacy of a “paradigm shift” or New Paradigm in the sciences, not unlike the dramatic changes that were brought upon us by the works of Newton and Einstein.


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