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Love Without Martinis: How Couples Build Healthy Relationships in Recovery, Based on Real Stories
by Chantal Jauvin

Weaving dialogue, emotions, and introspection, Love Without Martinis shares the fears, joys, setbacks, and triumphs of couples as they find their way back to each other. In the tradition of storytelling, the readers follow the couples in recovery from substance addiction as they rebuild healthy and loving relationships.

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Happy Genetics: From Epigenetics to Happiness
by Richard Romagnoli and Pier Mario Biava

Can we prove that our emotional well-being has a direct impact on our physical illness? Is it possible that a regimen of laughter and love can counteract the effects of long-term stress and sickness? Is there scientific evidence that quantifiably confirms the relationship between health and happiness? The answer to these questions is a resounding YES!

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Soul of Gold: Tales from a Japanese Metal Artist’s Studio
by Yukie Osumi

The Soul of Gold presents a multidimensional exploration of Japanese traditions in metalcraft, covering many aspects of its tools and techniques, and expressing the author’s appreciation for the properties of metals, always with the emphasis on her underlying emotional connection to her work. The book is not intended to be a practical manual; nor is it a complete memoir, but rather combines many perspectives to evoke a holistic understanding of the medium.

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Original Politics: Making America Sacred Again
by Glenn Aparicio Parry

To recreate a whole and sacred America, it is important to piece together the forgotten fragments of history that keep the country divided. Just as a traditional Native American potter begins a new pot with shards of old pots—to honor the ancestors and bring the energies of the past into the present—Original Politics reassembles the nation as a whole out of the seemingly disparate shards of our origins.

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Don’t Let Technology Crack Your Nest Egg: Rethinking Personal Finance for the Digital Age
by Ken Kamen

When Ken Kamen launched his financial services career, technology had just begun to transform how we earn, spend, save, and invest money—along with every other aspect of our lives.

Today, nearly four decades later, we have access to boundless possibilities with only a few keystrokes. Technology empowers us by making countless tasks easier and speedier to accomplish, but it also compounds our human tendencies to act impulsively and emotionally, both of which are enemies of long-term financial security.

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Tuscany Dialogues: The Earth, Our Future, and the Scope of Human Consciousness
by Ervin Laszlo and Dr. Michael Charles Tobias

Will there be a breakdown, or a breakthrough?
Amid the ancient hills of Tuscany, the cradle of the Renaissance and once the breadbasket of Rome, two of the world’s preeminent scholars embark on a six-day discourse investigating the looming threats facing our planet and our species. This conversation between Ervin Laszlo and Michael Tobias delves deep into matters ranging from science and philosophy to the arts and metaphysics. The objective behind their endeavor is to determine whether we can rectify the profound ecological crisis menacing our planet with a massive loss of biodiversity—including our own extinction.

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What Happened to Moderation?: A Common-Sense Approach to Improving Our Health and Treating Common Illnesses in an Age of Extremes
by Stephen C. Brewer, M.D.

Today we live in a world of extremes, in our politics, in our media, and even when it comes to our health and fitness. Contemporary “experts” advocate narrow dietary regimens in an array of vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, or organic options. We get similar recommendations for exercise—a simple two-mile run or lifting weights for thirty minutes will no longer suffice, now it’s about competing in a Spartan Run or a marathon, and CrossFit workouts are now the rage. This lifestyle is no longer about getting healthy, it’s about being superhuman—and for most of us it’s also unsustainable.

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Business of a Spiritual Matter: What All Leaders of Faith-Based Nonprofits Should Know
by M. Gasby Brown

In 2018 an estimated $124.52 billion was given to religious organizations, which represents roughly one-third of the total $427 billion given to charitable organizations. This figure included giving to your local church, synagogue, or mosque, but another several billion represented giving to large organizations in other categories such as World Vision, The United Jewish Appeal (UJA), and The Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The key takeaway from these facts is that nonprofits are not just about doing good deeds—they are big business. And faith-based nonprofits require a special type of leader to navigate the business side of the organization if they have serious hopes to make a real impact.

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